3 Best Cities for Truck Drivers to live in

Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles, CA

Truck Drivers play an important role in the trucking industry without drivers’ trucks can’t drive themselves. Being a trucker is a leading job in most states. So, let’s check out what are the Top 3 cities that are best for drivers?

Atlanta, Georgia

This state holds the highest share of jobs available for truck drivers about 12.2% and they also hold the highest paying job for truckers with an average salary of $64,000. They also have the most affordable rent on the list with an average median annual rent of $ 15,576.

  • Percent of job postings (adjusted): 12.2% (Ranked 1st)
  • Normal yearly compensation: $64,000 (Ranked 1st)
  • Salary as a level of home cost: 23.3% (Ranked 6th)  

Indianapolis, Indiana

They also have the highest share of jobs available with 11.9% job listing percentage and second-most affordable rent averaging $14,364 annually.

  • Percent of job postings (adjusted): 11.9% (Ranked 2nd)
  • Normal yearly compensation: $44,000 (Ranked 9th)
  • Salary as a level of home cost: 38.3% (Ranked 2nd)

Dallas, Texas

Last but definitely not least is Dallas with 11.7% not far from Indianapolis this state has top places where truckers can find jobs. The median home annual rent is $ 18, 516 and with an annual salary of $55,000.

  • Percent of job postings (adjusted): 10% (Ranked 5th)
  • Normal yearly compensation: $55,000 (Ranked 4th)
  • Salary as a level of home cost: 26.9% (Ranked 5th)

Final Thoughts

Driving opportunities are so many on all over the state. But knowing what are the best cities to live in that offers a lot of opportunities for a trucker is good way of starting your journey as a better trucker.

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