3 Tips on how to find truck drivers

Attract Drivers

Make your Job easy to find. Rather than “finding” drivers, you could try another strategy by “attracting” them- one of the most important ways to find truck drivers is to help them find you. 

Post your offer on multiple platforms and in as many places as possible, including:

  • your website
  • in Social Media like Facebook and Instagram; and
  • on multiple job listing sites like indeed, EveryTruckJob, Flexjobs, etc.

Use a Referral Program

Connection is a powerful tool in business. Keep in mind that you have an invaluable resource available for finding drivers: your current drivers and employees. They would probably know someone who they would recommend or vouch for. 

Create a referral program that would adequately reward the referrer. you can implement this within the company. You may also want to consider using this referral program for non-employees. You can utilize your website or social media accounts in doing this program.

Rank Your Website

Let’s focus on the matter of your website. This is an essential part of having a business. When a person searches for anything online, they typically only pay attention to the first section of results. The same goes when drivers search for jobs, you would prefer them to see your company and your job posting near the top of the search results page. This can be accomplished by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Some of the factors that might affect your ranking are listed below.

Great content marketing

Your website should include more than your products, services, and recruiting. You should also have content available, by adding a blog. You can then write articles about topics relevant to your business, and they should cover topics that would be interesting.


This is a big part of SEO. Tons of online tools and software that would help you pick the right keywords to write about are available to choose from. Make sure that the keywords you pick are both relevant and naturally incorporated into your website, not overused.


Another part of SEO that helps drive traffic to your website is backlinking. Utilize your social media account by linking your website to them, and create social media content with the link to your website included. 


Before you advertise your job, you should answer this question first: What can you offer your drivers that will make working for your company worth the cost of what they will have to give up? 

Finding and hiring drivers is only the FIRST step. What you also need to learn is how to retain drivers. Anything you give them- pay, incentives, or even the treatment, is an investment into your business, so be willing to invest well.

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