3 Tips on how to retain truck drivers


Based on a survey, when asked about the critical factors in driver retention, 66% of drivers answered respect. Everyone working in a company would love to feel they are part of the team. Create a mentorship program to build community between new and veteran drivers.


When a job doesn’t live up to expectations, drivers realize it quickly. SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS- It is best to be clear upfront and ensure that the candidate understands what your company expects from them before hiring. Being honest with new drivers and providing accurate information about what kind of compensation they will receive and what routes they will travel is a critical factor for driver retention.


Create a retention program that prioritizes your drivers’ concerns. A vital part of providing employer support is knowing what your drivers need. Health and Home Time are just two of the things your drivers need most.

Prioritize your drivers’ health- create a wellness program, provide a set of workout equipment, and monitor your drivers’ hours of service to make sure they take rests in between driving. Respect home time, they also have their family and friends – dispatch them near their homes if possible. Getting drivers home regularly should be a top priority. Doing so will not only benefit your drivers but also your company.


Anything you give your drivers- pay, incentives, or even the treatment, is an investment into your business, so be willing to invest well.

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