Convenient Way To Use Load Board

As you start your trucking career, you need to know how load boards will help your company.

A load board is an online marketplace where truck owners can look for loads and allow freight brokers to post loads. It will give you access to thousands of loads and these load boards have real-time information too. Using this board will help your journey in this career and help you save time which means you can focus more on your growing business.

So here are some lists of TOP Load Boards:


DAT.COM is the number 1 truckload board in the industry.

How to use the load board?

To use the load board, you must log in to your preferred load board site or application and search what load you want to get. As freight brokers, they use this to connect shippers and carriers while truckers use this to find a load. This board will connect the carrier and the shipper to do business and move their load.

Are load boards helpful?

If you are starting a career in the industry, load board will be your best friend. As you will start to build your contact this board will help you to get a future direct contact with the supplier. Here is some information that can be useful that you will find on the load board, from there you can get the best load.:

  • truck type
  • location
  • rates
  • availability

Is the Load Board Free?

Some are free and some are with a free trial but don’t have some useful features that are included on the paid boards, while paid boards give you access to all their features. Always remember the saying YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Want to know more about Load Boards?

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