The 4 best commercial truck insurance companies in Georgia

Commercial truck insurance is a coverage that protects trucking businesses and even independent truck drivers. So many risks are associated with trucking companies, such as accidents, theft, and unexpected truck troubles. So getting commercial truck insurance for your trucking company is quite essential if your company is in Georgia. It is actually required in Georgia.

We have listed 4 of the best truck insurance companies to look into and outlined the pros and cons for a better and easier comparison.

1. Progressive


Number 1 on our list is Progressive. This truck insurance company is actually one of the best-regarded providers out there. According to data from S&P, Progressive wrote the highest number of commercial auto insurance premiums in the U.S. in 2020. It is the top commercial vehicle insurer and offers commercial truck insurance in almost all states in the U.S., including Georgia. 

If you are looking to acquire a commercial truck insurance, Progressive may be your best option. It offers a wide range of auto coverages. It is also a good choice if you want to get premium packages without breaking the bank, and no matter the number of trucks your company owns, Progressive can cover them.

  • Progressive offers one of the largest selections of truck policies
  • It has one of the best online price quote tools of any commercial insurer
  • Attractive discounts on a wide range of auto insurance coverage offer.
  • Customer support is always available 24/7/365
  • customer service may not be exceptional.
  • Received slightly lower customer satisfaction scores in a recent survey
  • Rates may be expensive for young drivers looking for affordable truck insurance rates.

2. The Hartford


The Hartford is a Fortune 500 company with particularly strong offerings in commercial insurance, providing coverage to more than one million small businesses, including commercial truck and auto policies. One unique feature of the Hartford is its excellent customer satisfaction ratings, and it is best for High-Risk drivers.

  • Its claim process is simple, which helps get trucks back on the road quickly after an accident.
  • It has a wide range of agents, so it is easy to find one in Georgia.
  • It received better customer satisfaction ratings compared to other truck insurers.
  • Its FleetAhead Program provides real-time data for fleet managers.
  • You can get a quote online, but you will still need to work with an agent to get coverage.
  • Their rates may not be the lowest.
  • Unlike the other companies included on the list, it does not offer online quotes.

3. State Farm Commercial


State Farm is a reputable company that is the largest provider of both auto and home insurance policies in the United States. The Illinois-based company offers a comprehensive truck insurance program, including coverage for employees, the goods involved, and commercial automobiles.

  • It offers a wide range of policy options to fit most of the needs of truck drivers.
  • It achieved the highest rating of customer satisfaction among major commercial insurers.
  • It provides discount options to help lower the cost of policies.
  • It does not offer an online quote tool, unlike other insurers.
  • Potential customers need to speak to local agents just to get a quote.

4. Travelers


Travelers is one of the top auto insurance companies in Georgia, it is among the nation’s largest auto insurance companies. Their rates are competitive for truck insurance coverages, and a wide range of options are available to customize your truck insurance policy. However, they don’t offer discounts unless you buy their combo bundles.

  • Their rates are more affordable compared to the others.
  • It has multiple coverage options for auto insurance.
  • Customer satisfaction is quite poor based on the reviews.

Final Thoughts

We should always be reminded of the importance of safety trucking. But we cannot deny that accidents and unforeseen circumstances might happen at any time on the road. Not only will truck insurance help you cover the costs for damages done to your truck, but it will also assist in covering the costs associated with damage to other vehicles, and lawsuits related to injuries and deaths from accidents. Getting affordable commercial truck insurance in Georgia can be quite challenging, but it is definitely worth the price.

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