What to do after a truck accident?


Getting involved in an accident is the last thing we want to happen to our truck but accidents are meant to happen. So, you better know what to do when your vehicle gets involved in a crash.

We listed steps that can help you and protect your right.

Stay and Report the Accident Immediately

You must stay on the scene and keep yourself safe and if possible, remove your vehicle on the side of the road and put it on the hazard so other vehicles would be aware and not cause another accident.

Call 911 immediately if someone is injured. Call the police or state highway patrol to report the accident and to check and assess the accident. They are the ones who will create the report, all you have to do is to cooperate. Make sure to always ask for a copy of the report for your reference and use it as evidence if the accident needs to be presented in court.

Seek Medical Treatment

It’s important to seek medical attention after an accident whether you are injured or not.  This can prevent you from serious and undetected injuries after the accident.

Identify Other Proper Parties

It is important to always get the information of the involved vehicle/s. Their information is important to make sure all potentially liable parties are held responsible for the accident.

Exchange information with Other Parties

Once the involved parties leave the scene it may be difficult to reach them. So, make sure to get this set of information:

  • Driver’s name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Driver’s insurance company and policy information
  • Driver’s license number for the driver of the truck
  • Name and contact information for the truck driver’s employer

Check for Witnesses

You can check if there is a possible witness. Ask for their statement and their contact information in case you need more details about the accident. They might be a great help to you if you need someone to testify in court.

Document the Accident

It’s important to take a picture at the time of the accident. These photos can be strong shreds of evidence to prove who is at fault in the accident.

Speak Wisely

After the accident, insurance may contact you. So, be very careful about what you say to them because they can use this against you. Better speak to your legal attorney before talking to the adjuster. You are required to cooperate with them but remember that you are not required to give a statement.

Final Thoughts

Involving in an accident can be traumatizing but always remember to keep these steps in mind, it might help you be safe and guide you along the process of court hearing if possible.

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